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In the next 20 years, air traffic in Africa is predicted to skyrocket, making it a very interesting market. Although Africa has 15% of the world’s population, it only has 2% of the world’s aviation traffic. Africa is a desirable market for many multinational airlines because of its excellent profit margins and steady passenger growth. Africa will now attract not only additional stakeholders, airlines, investors, and financiers, but also the entire business world, as traffic is expected to quadruple in the coming years.


Over 500 South African mining projects are tracked by Africa Mining IQ, which provides the most up-to-date, in-depth intelligence and insights on local mining company operations.
We provide all the up-to-date, accurate project information to identify new business opportunities, including drilling companies, surveying, engineers, testing labs, beneficiation plants, capital equipment, catering and mining services (soft services), logistics, process automation, and engineering companies.


Aside from the financial benefits, investment in African agriculture provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive growth in a sector that employs more than half of all working people in Sub-Saharan Africa and help the region achieve food sovereignty.Despite the significant human effort involved in cultivating among of the world’s largest swaths of arable land, agriculture accounts for only around 15% of SSA’s GDP.
If you’re an agricultural executive or investor reading this, you may see the opportunity, but you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to Africa, we’re ready to help.


Africa’s IT sector is beginning to recover, with firms from all four corners of the continent raising $940 million in tech deals so far this year, increasing prospects of a return to previous year’s record-breaking levels. The economic, social, and commercial prospects for investing in Africa’s technology sector appear good, particularly as technology usage continues to accelerate. This rapid technological growth is being fueled by Africa’s young, digitally literate population. The tremendous achievements of 2021, as well as a slew of fast-growing tech businesses across the continent, inspire optimism for even greater achievements in Investment upcoming years.

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